Students Arrested After A Gun Was Found During A Fight At Rowlett High School


Rowlett High School was placed on lockdown and three students were arrested after a gun was found on campus Friday.

According to police, a fight broke out on the second floor and one of the students pulled out a handgun.

A juvenile student went to the school resource officer and told them he was assaulted by three teen males and struck with a handgun.

The male victim was treated for non life threatening injuries.

As soon as the incident occurred the school was placed on “Secure and Hold” while police investigated. The students and staff remained on lockdown for the remainder of the school day.

Three males were arrested and charged with aggravated assault. They were taken to The Dallas County Henry Wade Juvenile Center in Dallas.

Rowlett police also recovered a loaded handgun inside the school.

In a statement GISD said, “student safety is a top priority, and they are pleased that students brought the incident to their attention.”


  1. All of that sounds fine and dandy, but how did the gun get on campus into the school? Forget the zero tolerance policy how did the gun get into the school?


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