Texas Mother Given Life Sentence In Prison For Fatally Beating 4-Month-Old Daughter


29-year-old Tradezsha Trenay Bibbs, from Houston, Texas, has been given a life sentence for beating and killing her baby in 2016.

The sentence was handed down on Monday after she was convicted of murder.

Because the father of the child didn’t want to be in its life, Bibbs fatally beat her 4-month-old daughter, Brielle Robinson.

At first, Bibbs told authorities that the child had fallen out of a car seat and onto concrete. She then said that a family member told her to take the baby to a medical facility.

Bibbs had a Child Protective Services investigation that was pending; thus, she didn’t want to take the baby to a hospital. This was until the child’s breathing started to get labored.

Documents show that Brielle sustained several injuries, such as fractured ribs. It also revealed that Bibb’s story wasn’t making sense.

In court, physicians testified that Bibbs wasn’t concerned about the baby’s well-being or what could happen if she died.


  1. Life in prison she killed her innocent baby. This baby didn’t have a chance and why because her father didn’t want to be with her so u take your own flush and bloods life one that depended on you. When are some women going to understand babies don’t make a man stay? Rest in peace little angel.

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