Texas Mother Wants Answers After 5-Year-Old Son Suffered Head Injury At School


A five-year-old came home from school with a large knot on his forehead, and now his mother is demanding answers.

Natasha Silas, of Houston, Texas, says that she is very upset after not getting information about what happened to her son, Timothy, at Woodson Elementary School.

“I’ve heard he was sitting down and slid out of his chair. I heard that he was just in the hallway on restroom break at the time. My son told me out of his own mouth that someone pushed him, and he fell. This little iron-yellow thing that they have in the hallway. I guess it’s like a bench,” the mother stated.

After speaking with the teacher, Silas says that she was told that the teacher had taken a restroom break and when she came out, Timothy was crying. The teacher added that she wasn’t aware of what had occurred.

Silas transported her son to a medical facility where an x-ray was taken on his bloodied-bruise.

“They said it has so much blood clogged up in one spot and using ice packs will help, but do not freak out when the knot goes kinda down and makes him look like he has black eyes,” Silas continued.

The mother says that she is now thinking about enrolling her son in another school.


  1. Oh hell naw if that was my child or nephew or even my friend son …i would have had the police n the news ppl at that place bout that bloody knot on his head..Aint no dam wayEVERYBODY at that school would know who i am

  2. I would hold the THE ENTIRE SCHOOL responsible…teachers errr body…Like u send ya kids to school to learn n be protected n to see ya kid with a bloody knot that didnt come from no dam hitting yo head on a metal bench…and WHY the so call teacher didnt call the parent as soon as she seen what happened or call the school nurse or 911 or the principal


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