Texas Teen Shot And Killed Outside Of High School While Waiting For Girlfriend


A 17-year-old was shot and killed as he was waiting on his girlfriend to exit out of Cypress Lakes High school on Tuesday, authorities in Harris County, Texas, say.

A call regarding a shooting in the 5800 block of Brenwood Trails Lane came in to police, and they found that Jake Mason, 17, had been killed.

Deputies say that Mason had been standing across from the high school with other unknown males. He had been awaiting his girlfriend to get out of school when an argument started. That’s when one of the unknown males shot Mason.

Authorities say that several people were detained, but the suspected shooter ran away. The suspect is said to be a Black man who was wearing all black at the time.

At least four people are thought to have been arrested, and police are continuing to search for a four-door vehicle that may have been connected to the suspects.

Reports have indicated that some of the people taken into custody are from Cypress Lakes, but it isn’t known if the incident was connected to the school.

Deputies stated that it isn’t known what exactly led up to the shooting, but they are reviewing surveillance footage, and the investigation is continuing.

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  1. SMH these days it pays to walk away. Arguing probably over nothing. Now this child is gone from his family and friends forever. You can not explain that to a parent or a child. Senseless murders. God’s coming soon. This is one of his 10 commandments thou shall not kill.

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