Three Michael Jackson Songs Have Been Eliminated From Streaming Services Amid Suspect Vocals


There have been ongoing suspicions that Michael Jackson’s ‘Michael’ album has forgeries of the late pop legend’s vocals. Thus, three songs from the posthumous 2010 compilation have been taken off of streaming services.

On Tuesday, July 5, Jackson’s estate and Sony Music released a statement. It stated that the tracks ‘Breaking News,’ ‘Monster,’ and ‘Keep Your Head Up,’ have been removed from the album. They say this is the best option to get past the discussions related to the tracks.

The statement didn’t go into details about rumors regarding the songs that may have not been recorded by Michael, who passed away in 2009.

“Focus remains where it belongs-on the exciting news and existing projects celebrating Michael Jackson’s legacy. This entails the Tony-winning Broadway musical “MJ,” the statement read.

“The album’s remaining tracks remain available. Nothing should be read into this action concerning the authenticity of the tracks. It’s time to move beyond the distraction surrounding them,” it added.

In 2014, a fan tried to start a class-action lawsuit claiming that the album was a misrepresentation. Therefore, it was punishable under California’s Unfair Competition Law and the Consumers Legal Remedies Act. This came about because of the questionable accusations that Michael Jackson wasn’t the lead singer on the songs. The songs were thought to have been recorded two years prior to Jackson’s death.

An appeals court determined that neither the administrators of Jackson’s estate nor Sony recorded the tracks themselves. Therefore, they could not say who was a part of the vocal sessions.


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