Three Ohio Teens Accused Of Shooting Up Casket During Funeral To Be Tried As Adults


Three teenagers are being tried as adults after shooting up a casket at a funeral last year.

According to reports, three teenagers between the ages of 17 and 18 pulled up outside of the River of Life Church in Ohio at the time a funeral was taking place.

Two of the teenagers opened fire, shooting off over a dozen rounds, while the third remained in the driver’s seat of the stolen SUV.

Three people were injured and many others, including young children, came deathly close to the flying bullets. Family members say the aftermath has left so many of them facing trauma and pain.

The teens were arrested shortly after and each charged with nine counts of felonious assault with a gun specification on each count.

They have since bailed out on a $90,000 bond and are awaiting their trial where they will be tried as adults.

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