Toddler Dies After Concrete Mixer Truck Falls Onto A Family Vehicle


A 22-month-old boy died after a concrete mixer truck lost control and fell through a concrete barrier on an overpass landing on a SUV with a family inside.

The crash happened on August 8, 2022, around 2:30 p.m., at the intersection of Woodforest and Beltway 8. The 36-year-old driver lost control of the truck on the slick roadways from the rain. The SUV had two 22-month-old twins, a mother and grandmother.

Everyone who witnessed gathered around to help get the family out of the car. They were able to get three occupants out. Unfortunately, the 22-month-old boy was stuck and did not make it.

“We tried to do what we can,” said Joe Tijerina, a witness of the tragic accident. “Everybody had to get together to see if there’s any way we can move the concrete mixer. We had an 18-wheeler try to strap a chain to it, to pull it off. We had a big four-by-four dually truck. I mean, it just wasn’t budging.”

Police says the 36-year-old woman did not show any signs of being intoxicated. A preliminary investigation shows she attempted to slow down before it went over the overpass, according to police. The driver also told deputies that her vehicle started slipping just before the truck flipped off the overpass.

“There were sprinkles, precipitation on the roadway. The roadway surface was slick based on the information provided to our investigators. The driver of cement truck stated that her vehicle started slipping and she wasn’t able to control her vehicle. That vehicle impacted the west concrete barrier wall and unfortunately went over the overpass and landed on the surface of the service road,” sheriff Simon Cheng said.

The other three people in the car sustained minor injuries and were taken to the hospital.


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