Two Teens Arrested For The Murder Of A 12 And 15 Year Old


Two people have been apprehended in relation to the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old and a 15-year-old, close to Atlantic Station, in Atlanta, Georgia, on Nov. 26.

Authorities say that a big group of juveniles had gotten into an argument on the 17th Street Bridge that evening. They had just been escorted out of Atlantic Station for not adhering to the curfew and disorderly behavior.

On Wednesday, police stated that two minors, 15 and 16, have been apprehended and charged with murder, aggravated assault, and gang offenses.

Both of the suspects were students in the Atlanta Public Schools system.

One of the juveniles was located in New York, and authorities are trying to figure out how he got there.

12-year-old Zion Charles, a 7th grader, was killed and was one of the six people who had been shot when the fight ensued.

15-year-old Cameron Jackson died from his wounds that he suffered in the shooting.

It was reported that the bullets were intended for Jackson, but 5 other people had been shot, as well.

An investigation is on-going.


  1. This is happening because these children are parenting themselves, the question is where are the PARENTS???

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