Unarmed Black Man Killed By California Police


Sacramento, California police have shot and killed an unarmed black man on his own backyard mistaking his cell phone for a gun.
The victim who was identified as Stephon Clark,22 was standing in his backyard with his cellphone when police shot him multiple times.
According to reports a neighbor called police and said a man was breaking car windows in the neighborhood and was wearing a black hoodie and carrying what looked like a tool bar. They also told police that he ran and hid in a backyard.
Sacramento Sheriffs spotted Clark in a backyard from their helicopter and saw him break a window.
Police approached Clark in the backyard and say when they told him to raise his hands where they could see that he extended his arms up out as if he had a weapon and were gonna shoot. Officers shot multiple times then waited 5 minutes before calling for back up.
Paramedics arrived and Clark was pronounced dead on the scene. No weapons were found on or around the victim and the two police officers were placed on administrative paid leave.
Authorities are still investigating this case because the officers were wearing body cameras and authorities also have the audio from the helicopter as well.

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