VIDEO: Woman with pickaxe smashes in windows of a home with a newborn and woman inside


A woman was arrested Tuesday after a Pasadena family was subjected to a woman smashed their windows with a pickaxe.

Beverly Baker, 65, was arrested and charged with vandalism. Police said she was having a mental health crisis at the time of the incident. She is expected to be arraigned Wednesday.

On Monday, Tchoukadarian said he got a notification from his security system that something was happening at his house while he was at work.

“All I see is a woman trying to bash our door in,” he said.

Inside the house was his mother-in-law and his newborn baby girl. Tchoukadarian said his mother-in-law immediately grabbed the baby as a lady with a pickaxe smashed the windows, one of which was directly above the newborn’s bassinet.

The glass shards from these giant windows were twice her size,” said Tchoukadarian. “If she was five seconds late, our daughter would no longer be with us.”


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