Wal-Mart Employee Quits Job Over Intercom, Goes Viral


Beth McGrath has gone viral after quitting her job at a Wal-Mart over the intercom.

She uploaded the video of her resigning from her employment in the electronics department.

The video’s caption read, “On to better things.” Beth is observed picking up the receiver and nervously saying, “Alright…” She starts with a nice opening and explains how she has worked for the company for five years. She noted that many of her colleagues were overworked and not paid enough.

Additionally, she criticized the attendance guidelines using a bit of profanity. She also showed opposition to the way that some employees were treated, saying many were told that they were “replaceable,’ when they expressed concerns to leaders.

In the end, she called a store manager out by name, labeling him a “pervert.” She then stated, “F*** management, and f*** this job. I quit!”


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