Woman’s Dismembered Remains Found Stuffed Inside Suitcases In Her Apartment


A woman’s remains were found stuffed inside two suitcases after neighbors noticed a foul smell coming from her apartment in Brooklyn.

On September 21, officers were sent to an apartment on the 300 block of Lindwood Street for a wellness check.

When officers arrived on the scene, two suitcases containing human remains were found, according to The New York City Police Department.

Police believes the remains belong to 22-year-old Daisa Johnson. She had not been seen for quite some time, according to her neighbors.

According to friends and family Johnson was getting abused by her boyfriend. She was trying to get away from the relationship for a better life her friends told reporters.

“He broke her ribs, her legs, a couple months ago,” her friend, Stephanie Harris said. “She came back, she was on crutches. he broke her apartment down, broke the TVs in her apartment. I cried to her like Listen, I don’t want to see you on the news.”

“He always said, ‘The only way you get out is when your mother’s gonna bury you, b—h.’”

A security guard allegedly saw Johnson’s boyfriend and another man leave the apartment before police arrived and discovered the horrible scene.

The boyfriend is being sought for questioning.



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