Aaron Hernandez’s Former Fiancée Is Said To Have Spent Daughter’s Trust Fund Money On Herself


The former fiancée of ex-New England’s Patriot player Aaron Hernandez, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, is said to have spent thousands of dollars.This money was supposed to be for her daughter. This was to pay for things like online shopping, gym expenses, and nail and hair care.

Avielle Hernandez, 10, has a trust fund. The trustee, Lawyer David Schwartz, stated that Jenkins-Hernandez has spent more than $100,000 for different personal reasons. Some of her purchases included $4,800 at Harrod’s Department Store. Another purchase included $3,720 for Bay Path University in Massachusetts.

Now, Schwartz is calling for Jenkins-Hernandez to be removed as conservator. If he is successful, the new conservator would get Aaron Hernandez’s pension and Social Security checks. They would also have to determine what the money should go towards.

Jenkins-Hernandez has denied any wrongdoing.

This claim is “much ado about nothing…Any allegation or insinuation that she’s spending money inappropriately or any other purpose is absolutely false,” said her lawyer Stephen Withers.

When Avielle turns 25, she will be able to access the funds in the trust which is about $700,000.

In April 2017, Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in a prison cell. He had been sentenced to life without parole for murder.

Prosecutors had said that Hernandez gunned down two men subsequent to one of them spilling a drink on him at a club. He is then accused of getting a tattoo that contained a firearm and read, “God Forgives,” as a tribute to the crime.

He had also been implicated of playing a part in another shooting.

Hernandez played with the Patriots for three seasons. In 2011, he caught 79 passes for 910 yards and seven touchdowns, assisting the team in getting to the Super Bowl. He then earned a $40 million contract.

In 2013, the team released him after he was apprehended for the killing of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd. Lloyd had been dating Jenkins-Hernandez’s sister.

Hernandez was found guilty and was sentenced to life in prison.


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