Authorities Discover Homeless Camp With Pop-Up Bar, Prostitution Tents

Courtesy: CBS

Authorities in Denver have stated that they are investigating a seemingly open-air pop-up bar for the homeless, close to the downtown area.

Police say that there have been reports of an open bar where alcohol and other products are being sold.

Officers and city leaders went to the encampment on Monday, following numerous complaints regarding the encampment blocking the sidewalk and prohibiting pedestrians from walking down the street.

The encampment contained liquor bottles, many couches and lounge chairs, recliners, and astroturf flooring. Large umbrellas could also be seen, along with many empty liquor bottles.

To add, several complaints were made in reference to couches in tents that were being rented out for prostitution.

Reports show that in 2022, drugs and alcohol were the cause of 60% of homeless deaths when reviewing street mortality.


  1. Im sure they did have a nice little bar setup. They panhandle around 1000. A week none of them want to work. They make easy money being homeless and playing games on us and trying to get$$

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