Demonstrators Protest After Teen Dies During SWAT Standoff


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After a fire, a teenager was discovered dead inside of a home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. To add, a suspect who was a part of a standoff at the residence was apprehended.

The SWAT standoff came to an end with the suspect as a result of the fire on Wednesday. The remains of the 14-year-old were found after that.

Authorities say that Qiaunt Kelley, 27, had been wanted for felony robbery. He is also suspected of committing multiple violent crimes around Albuquerque.

The suspect had been followed to the residence, and he and the teen took cover in the house. Around 3 a.m., smoke was observed coming from the home, police say.

As firefighters put the fire out, the suspect emerged from the residence. He was apprehended and then taken to a medical facility for burn wounds.

Authorities emphasize that no officers shot their gun during the standoff. Witnesses questioned if the gas canisters used by SWAT started the fire.

Police Chief Harold Medina stated that the department deploys Tri-Chamber canisters when attempting to get a person to surrender.

“They’re built in a way that’s supposed to reduce the likelihood of causing a fire. And it’s something we use over and over- in tons of calls,” the chief said.

Arson detectives are working to figure out how the fire started. The teen who died hasn’t been identified, and an autopsy will be conducted.

Demonstrators marched Thursday evening, protesting the actions by SWAT that they say caused the teen’s death.

“That young man lost his life because the police didn’t stop and think about what they were doing. That was somebody’s son,” stated the boy’s aunt. The family added that officers allowed the boy to burn and die.

An investigation into the matter is continuing.
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