Eggplant, Peach And Water Drip Emoji Banned From Facebook


Facebook and Instagram are changing up their guidelines and banning the eggplant, peach and water drips emoji from their sites if they are used in an explicit or sexual manner.
They are banning the emojis in order to try and cut down on some of the sexual content on their platform.
They’ve banned the eggplant because they say it represents a penis, the peach emoji represents buttocks and the water drips represents ejaculation.
They have not been completely banned though because they can still be used in captions and on pages as long as they don’t offer or depict sex.
According to the policy if you are using the emojis in a sexual manner or offering sex then your post can be removed.
Facebook says it is trying to weed out sexual solicitation and content on their sites.
They also will no longer be allowed to be used to cover up body parts.
Facebook says if you repeatedly use the emojis sexually you will be blocked and if it keeps happening they will deactivate your page.

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