Killer Leads Police to Woman’s Remains After 21 Years


A South Carolina truck driver admits to killing a missing woman 21 years ago.

On March 27, Brian Jones, 62, traveled from South Carolina to Alabama to confess to murdering Janet Luxford in 2001.

Jones led Bessemer police to where he hid her body in a suitcase.

The coroners office is searching for medical records and attempting to identify Luxford with DNA from her remains. This process could take up to nine months.

Jones is being charged with murder and abuse of a corpse.

In 2001, Luxford and Jones, who were dating at the time, met up at a hotel. Luxford wanted money to visit her parents in California. Luxfords request led to an argument which ended in Jones striking Luxford in the throat with a club.

Amanda Luxford Fernandez was 12 when she came home from school to find her home empty and her mother missing. She is finally getting closure and justice for her mother.


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