Panera Bread Sued After College Student Died After Drinking A ‘Charged Lemonade’


After drinking Panera Bread’s “charged lemonade,” an Ivy League student with a heart condition died. The drink comes in a large cup, containing more caffeine than cans of Red Bull and Monster energy drinks put together.

Now, the parents of 21-year-old Sarah Katz’s parents have filed a lawsuit against company, citing that the drink is dangerous. It added that Panera failed to effectively warn patrons about its ingredients.

Katz was a student at the University of Pennsylvania and had once taught CPR in low socio-economic communities.

She had a heart condition called long QT syndrome type 1. She had stayed away from energy drinks as recommended by her doctors.

Documents note that Katz had bought a charged lemonade from a Panera Bread in Philadelphia on September 10, 2022. Hours after that, she went into cardiac arrest.

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  1. Ok the girl knows she has heart problems and she still drank it why did she try the drink and doctors told her to not drink energy drinks.

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