T-Mobile Gives Out Free Internet For Kids Education


T-Mobile is partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters Of America to support Project 10Million.

Project 10Million is a project T-Mobile started that gives 10 million eligible families free hotspots and internet to help ensure internet access is not a problem when it comes to children’s education.

Each eligible student will get a plan that offers 100GB of data per year at no cost. Even school districts can apply for T-Mobile’s 100GB per month plan. Also, there’s a low-cost option for school districts that want unlimited data.

On the T-Mobile website it states A student can use the 100GB for 140 hours streaming school videos, 5,000 hours of internet research, 320 hours of online learning and 200 hours of online college test prep.

Your child may be eligible if they are between K-12 and do not have internet access at home. Also, a household with at least one child in the national school lunch program.

It only takes 5 minutes to apply and you’ll have it for 5 years. It has no annual fees or re-certifications.


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