Two of The Four Americans Kidnapped In Mexico Found Dead, Other Two Survivors Back In U.S.


Two of the four victims kidnapped by Mexican cartel during a shootout Friday in Mexico are safe and back in the U.S.

According to reports the four Americans were traveling to Mexico to have cosmetic surgery done when they took a wrong turn in Matamoros.

The travelers were caught in the crossfire of a drug cartel. Their vehicle crashed and was shot up. The Americans inside were kidnapped and taken away in a pickup truck.

On Tuesday they were found in a wooden shack, in a rural area east of Matamoros called Ejido Tecolote. The man guarding the door was arrested and taken into custody. His name was not released.

Two of the victims were dead while the surviving two were transported and rushed to the Texas border in Brownsville by Mexico officials and emergency vehicles.

The survivors were later identified as Eric James Williams and Latavia “Tay” McGee.

One of the surviving victims was shot in the leg but is expected to survive.

It was later reported that the Americans had traveled with a friend to get a tummy tuck.



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