Upset Cowboys Fan Busted On The Big Screen For Cheating


When people go to sports games there is always a chance that they might be displayed on the big screen.

When you are at a NFL playoff game and the Dallas Cowboys are playing, your chances are even greater.

This past weekend, cameramen were just doing their job, capturing eye-catching moments at the Cowboys game. Suddenly, the camera caught a man who appeared upset and was holding his girl who seemed sad about the disappointing game.

A couple of days later, the man’s former girlfriend got on Instagram and exposed him for being with his side chick and a “serial cheater.”

“HI everyone, yes, this is my ex who is my trash…We are no longer together and we haven’t been for a while but he continues to lie all day, every day. Just like he lied about this trip when he swore it was a guys’ trip. He also told me he had to cut this girl off but clearly that was another lie….,” his ex stated.

It seems as though the man may be dealing with two disappointments in one week.



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