Auto Shop Owner And Customer Fatally Shoot Each Other

Courtesy: Times

Authorities in Largo, Florida, say that an auto shop owner and a customer shot and killed each other. The feud was triggered by the customer being dissatisfied for work that was done on his vehicle two years ago.

Authorities say that 78-year-old Eugene Frank Becker had gone to Stout’s Automotive in a rental vehicle on Wednesday night. He had been looking for the owner of the shop, 52-year-old Jodie Stout.

Detectives say that Becker took out a firearm and shot Stout, who then took out his own weapon and shot Becker several times.

Later, both men were declared deceased at a medical facility.

Documents reveal that Becker believed that Stout had charged him too much when he had taken his vehicle to be repaired in 2021.

On Wednesday, Becker is said to have gone to the shop “with the intent to shoot the victim in retaliation for the perceived wrong.”

Relatives stated that Becker had been involved in a car wreck recently that led to his depression.


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