Body Cam Footage Shows Wrongfully Convicted Man Being Fatally Shot By Authorities


Leonard Cure spent 16 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted and was later shot to death by Georgia police as a traffic stop occurred. The incident was captured on video.

Cure was stopped in his pickup truck by a sheriff’s deputy on Monday morning. This was after he was clocked traveling more than 100 miles per hour in a 70 mph zone. This happened on Interstate 95 in Camden County, GA.

Officer dashcam and body cam recordings released on Wednesday revealed the violence that happened.

In the video, the deputies instruct Cure to get out of his vehicle and to put his hands on the back of the truck.

Cure consistently says that he hasn’t done anything wrong. He pulls his arm away as a deputies try to grab ahold of it. The deputy then retrieved his Taser and again instructs Cure to put his hands on the vehicle.

When Cure finally put his hands on the truck, the deputy told him to put his hands behind his back.

Cure then became annoyed and began to ask why he was pulled over initially.

The deputy then told Cure that he’s under arrest for speeding and driving recklessly. The pair began to have an argument before things escalated, and the deputy Tased Cure.

Cure froze from the electroshock and then rushed at the deputy while flailing his arms. After the physical altercation, the deputy shot and killed Cure.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation stated that Cure assaulted the deputy and wouldn’t comply with his orders.

However, Lawyer Ben Crump, the family’s attorney, has stated that the deputy was too aggressive and should have done better in de-escalating the matter.

In regards to Cure’s wrongful conviction, a jury found him guilty of armed robbery with a firearm and assault with a firearm in 2004. This was despite the fact that he had an alibi and there was no physical evidence connecting him to the offenses.

With the assistance of the Innocence Project, Cure was later exonerated for the stick-up at a Walgreens in Florida. He was freed from prison in 2020.


  1. I did not know you can be arrested for going 30 miles over the limit, yes it is reckless and I believe the officer went too far and did not de-escalate, so much went wrong in this man’s life

    1. I don’t think he was arrested for speeding. They said he was not in compliance with officers comands and was aggressive towards the officer.

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