Cops In California Are Looking For Man Who Left Human Remains Inside of Police Department

San Bernardino Police Department

California police are attempting to identify the man they say walked into a police station and left human remains on the counter.

San Bernardino Police Department issued an “Attempt to Identify” on Thursday requesting help from the public.

“On Thursday, February 2, 2023, an unknown subject entered the San Bernardino Police Department and approached the public counter,” the statement says. “The subject then tried to put what appeared to be deceased animal remains and a lower jaw that resembled a human. It was unclear at the time if the remains were real.”

The man then walked out of the police department.

“Officers attempted to locate the subject but were unsuccessful,” police said.

The coroner’s office determined that one of the bones was indeed a human jaw bone. No other details have been released about the remains as of yet.

He is described as a “Hispanic male adult, 30 to 35 years of age, 5’-7”, 160lbs, full beard, and mustache, wearing a black hoodie, and blue jeans.”



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