Deputy Fatally Shot While Sitting In Patrol Car In Front Of Sheriff’s Department


On Saturday, a deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was fatally shot as he sat in his patrol car in Palmdale, California.

Authorities say that 30-year-old Ryan Clinkunbroomer was found in medical distress at close to 6 p.m. in front of the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station.

Reports indicate that a vehicle approached the deputy’s patrol car prior to shooting into the cruiser, striking the deputy.

Footage from the scene seems to show a Black vehicle pulling up next to the patrol vehicle. No shots were observed; however, the car was seen leaving the area quickly. At the same time, the deputy’s cruiser moved slightly forward prior to coming to a stop.

A good Samaritan alerted police to the unconscious deputy who was transported to a medical facility where he died.

A person of interest has been detained.


  1. Maybe it’s high time when there just sitting, watching, observing or and settling up monitoring speed traps, they have some sort of sensory warning on the vehicle, though ut may not have helped in this case but in other’s. P.S. we need our officers’s to be safe and we need us to be pedestrians to be safe and protected

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