Dwyane Wade Files A Petition To Legally Change His Trans Daughter’s Name From Zion To Zaya


Retired NBA star, Dwayne Wade, has filed a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court to legally change his daughter’s name.

Wade’s daughter who is known as, Zaya Wade but name was originally Zion Malachi Airamis Wade came out as transgender about three years ago.

In the petition Dwayne states that Zaya’s mother, Siohvaughn Funches, was informed of the filing but he has full authority in the decision-making process.

Dwyane let’s it be known he is supportive of his daughter and of the LGBTQ community when he came out about Zaya on the Ellen Degeneres show.

“Internally, now it’s our job to go out and get information. To reach out to every relationship that we have. My wife reached out to everybody on the cast of Pose. We just try to figure out as much information as we can to make sure that we give our child the best opportunity to be her best self,” Dwyane says on the show.


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