Dallas Man Died From A Bacterial Infection After Eating Raw Oysters From A Florida Seafood Market


A Dallas man died this month from a bacteria infection after eating raw oysters while visiting Florida.

According to reports, Rodney Jackson,55 was an Air Force Veteran who bought some oysters from a market while visiting Fort Lauderdale.

Apparently another customer died the same way this month after purchasing raw oysters from the same seafood market.

It said the oysters originally came from Louisiana.

The manager of the Rustic Inn says in all 60 years of them being opened they’ve never had a case like this.

They also said they put up signs to let everyone know that you eat raw shellfish at your own risk.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Vibrio bacteria doesn’t make an oyster look, smell, or taste any different. The agency said about 80,000 people get vibriosis in the U.S. each year, and about 100 people die from it.

Gary Oreal, the manger, of the Rustic Inn says that inspectors from the Florida Department of Health checked out the restaurant’s kitchen and examined its oyster inventory the day after the man became ill.

They found nothing wrong with the oysters and the market was able to continue with sales.


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