Woman Passenger Killed In A Deadly Crash; Driver Tries To Remove License Plate Before Fleeing The Scene


A 34-year-old passenger was killed in a deadly crash after the reckless driver hits a pole and flips the car over in Philadelphia.

Around 3 a.m. Friday morning, a driver was driving at a high speed on the Boulevard near Devereaux Avenue in Oxford Circle. The car swerves and goes over the middle median before hitting a pole and flipping over. Once the car crashes a 22-year-old male driver gets out of the vehicle and pulls the woman passenger out.

The Male Driver then goes to the back of the car and tries to tear the license plate off. He was unsuccessful and leaves blood all over the now bent up license plate, according to police.

“There is blood on the license plate, and you can clearly see that the license plate was completely bent up,” Chief Inspector Scott Small said. “Someone, it appears, tried to tear that license plate from the back of the vehicle.”

Before police arrives the 22-year-old driver flees the scene.

Once police arrived the 34-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene. She was later identified as Izairaliz Espinoza.

Police found items that identified both the driver and passenger. No arrest have been made at this time.

This investigation remains ongoing.


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