Former El Paso Police Officer Given 2 Years In Prison For Helping Stepdad Distribute Cocaine


On Thursday, an ex-El Paso, Texas, police officer was given two years in prison. This was for assisting her stepfather distribute and store cocaine while she was working.

Court documents note that Monica Garcia, 24, worked with Fred Saenz, her stepdad and the other defendant. His home was used to distribute cocaine. Investigators also found that Saenz had another place to keep and distribute cocaine, as well.

Authorities say that Garcia used her role as an El Paso police officer to give details that assisted Saenz. This was done to prevent detection by authorities as he distributed the drug.

Garcia aided Saenz by performing counter-surveillance and looking up license plate registrations. This was done to identify undercover police cars close to Saenz’s home and stash location. While investigating, undercover agents purchased cocaine from Saenz at his home.

In November 2020, agents took $14,405 from Saenz’s home and 1.2 kilograms of cocaine from a stash house he utilized. He was apprehended in December 2020.

In July 2021, Fred Saenz pleaded guilty to one charge of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than 500 grams of cocaine. In November of that year, he was given 42 months in prison and had to give up the $14,405 that came from the drug conspiracy.

When discussing Monica Garcia, the El Paso Police Department stated that they don’t condone nor will they tolerate such conduct from their officers.


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