Guests Pooping As They Wait In Long Ride Lines At Disney Park


Sources report that some guests haven’t been able to control their bowels as they stand in long lines at Disney theme parks.

One person online has stated that a person had allowed their child to “take a dump” on the floor while in line at the Rise of the Resistance at Disney World. This had been validated by one of the park’s employees who said that there had actually been three similar occurrences.

Another employee added that cameras have been put into place to combat the problem, but the issue is still persistent.

As a matter of fact, many have dubbed the waiting area to get on the ride as “poop hallway.”

“I dealt with way too many bodily fluids at that dang attraction,” one worker noted.

It has also been said that children are not only the culprits but adults, as well.

Many are now calling for those who are caught to be prohibited from coming to the park. Others question whether the occurrences were purposely done or by accident as a child could have simply gone in their pants and it landed on the ground.


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