Officer And Her Boyfriend Charged With Distributing Narcotics

Courtesy: Instagram/@graciela_rose

NYPD Officer Grace Baez and her boyfriend, Cesar Martinez, have been charged after allegedly conspiring to distribute lethal narcotics.

Detectives say that Baez and Martinez provided a large amount of fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine to an informant for sell.

Authorities say that the suspects brought a fenatanyl sample in a gum container to the informant during one of many meetings over the course of two weeks.

On Thursday, Baez and Martinez were apprehended, close to their apartment in Yonkers, after meeting to finish a transaction.

Police say that they discovered a kilo press and suspected drug packages inside the apartment.

Since 2020, Baez had been on modified duty and had been under departmental investigation for supposed misconduct.

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