Prairie View Student Posts Images Of Maintenance Man Going Through His Belongings In Dorm Room


A student at Prairie View A & M University, in Texas, has posted to social media, explaining a complaint that was made against a maintenance worker, this week.

The male student, Jabin, says that he put in a maintenance request to get his desk fixed in his dorm room because it was hanging off of the wall.

The following day, while in class, Jabin received an alert from his cameras that there was motion in his room.

“I looked at it because I assumed that it was the maintenance man. When I looked at my live-feed, he was going through my night stand and my dresser.”

To make make matters worse, Jabin says that the maintenance worker came in and simply put caulk on his damaged desk which wasn’t really effective.

Jabin added that he really didn’t say much about the incident but posted images of the worker combing through his belongings. He also warned others to install cameras in their rooms, as well.

When Jabin left class, he stated that he filed a report. He says that he still hasn’t gotten a response back for the university.



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