Suspects Connected To 30 Thefts Across North Texas Arrested After Police Chase


Two men believed to be responsible for close to 30 thefts in North Texas have been arrested by Lake Worth Police.

The pair was taken into custody on Tuesday following a car and foot pursuit.

Authorities say that close to 250 items, valued at $3,284, were found in the pair’s car.

33-year-old Christopher Bivens and 37-year-old Terrence Parish have been charged with organized theft. Bevins was also charged with evading arrest.

Authorities say that in Lake Worth, the two hit a Walgreens and a CVS on the same day.

Just before the two were taken into custody, they had stolen thousands of dollars worth of beauty products from two drug stores. Someone had then reported a description of the theives and their car to authorities.

Officials have connected the pair to five other retail thefts that day. In some instances, they had been seen stealing on surveillance cameras.

They added that the two have stolen from stores from East Dallas to Fort Worth.

Authorities now believe that the thieves are a part of a bigger criminal organization.

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