Teens Fatally Beat Spanish Teacher With A Bat Over A Bad Grade


Court documents revealed this week that two teenagers in Iowa fatally beat their Spanish teacher with a bat, in 2021, over a bad grade.

17 year olds Jeremy Goodale and Willard Miller are both facing charges of first-degree murder. This is in relation to the death of Nohema Graber, 66, the boys’ Spanish teacher at Fairfield High School. Before this week, the motive of the killing was unclear.

Records filed on Tuesday reveal that Miller was angry with Graber because of a low grade that he had in her class which affected his GPA.

At first, Miller denied being a participant in Graber going missing and her death. Later, he said that “he had knowledge of everything but didn’t participate,” documents noted.

A witness also provided authorities with images of a Snapchat discussion with Goodale “that identify Goodale’s admissions that he acted in concert with another person to bring about Graber’s death.” The witness added that Goodale made comments that pointed to him and Miller as being involved in Graber’s killing.

Miller’s lawyer is now trying to overturn four search warrants that were executed as a part of the investigation to obtain evidence from his cell phone and Snapchat.

Prosecutors have said that the teens stalked the teacher, memorized her daily moves, and brutally attacked her as she took her daily walk.

They are said to have gone back to the scene to conceal her body. Graber was reported missing on Nov. 2, and her body was discovered the following day, underneath a tarp, wheelbarrow, and railroad ties. She had been beaten to death.

Miller and Goodale were 16 at the time of the occurrence, and they are both being tried as adults.

Goodale’s trial will start on December 5, and Miller is set to stand trial on March 20.

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