Texas Man Convicted Of Murder After Bragging To Friends About The Killing


20-year-old Siten Anney, from Humble, Texas, was given a 75-year prison sentence after he was found guilty of murder.

Anney was said to have killed 22-year-old Trevor Harrison on November 23, 2020. The behaviors that Anney exhibited prior to, during, and subsequent to the shooting resulted in the conviction and length of his punishment.

Detectives say that Anney spent hours trying to get the victim to show at an apartment complex, by sending numerous text messages and calling him.

When Harrison showed up to the parking lot of the complex, Anney fatally shot him using a 9mm handgun, and left the scene.

However, 21 minutes after the shooting, Anney put the handgun up for sale on the internet.

To make matters worse, when people learned of Harrison’s death, Anney took a picture of an article that discussed the death. He then sent the picture to his friends, stating that he hadn’t sleep all night because he was waiting to see it.


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