Three Memphis Children Abducted By Car Wreck Victim Who Their Father Stopped To Assist


After a man stopped to help a car crash victim, three children were kidnapped. They have all been reported safe.

“I stopped to help, and I almost lost everything. We have to stay closer, because everything can be gone in the blink of an eye,” the man, only known as Byron, stated.

He has three children, Olivia, 6, Chloe, 4, and Brandon, 2. They had all been in Memphis, Tennessee, in their brown Toyota Avalon, on September 2.

The father said that he had observed a car accident, involving a white Kia and a blue pick-up truck. MPD tweeted that the driver of the Kia had a wound to his forehead and that the vehicle had been stolen prior to the wreck.

Bystanders stated that the hurt Kia driver requested that others give him a ride to leave the location. However, no one would do it.

A few minutes later, the injured Kia driver got into Byron’s car and left the scene with the children inside.

“I got carjacked.I stopped to help, and I got carjacked,” the dad added.

A little while after the suspect left, he let the kids out of the vehicle. Thanks to a witness, their father was able to retrieve them a short time later. None of the children were hurt.

The suspect still hasn’t been located, and the driver of the blue truck wasn’t hurt.


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