19 Year Old Arrested In Connection With Fatal Lewisville Shootout


Lewisville PD made an arrest on Saturday in connection with the fatal shooting that occurred last week.

On October 5, 19 year old Jesstun Markee Conner and 15 year old Lamarcus Dewayne Winn went to the 200 block of E. Round Grove Road to purchase some marijuana.

While waiting, inside of a black Porsche suv, a group of males inside a Chrysler pulled up and began opening fire. Occupants from both vehicles got out of their vehicles and exchanged fire at each other.

Conner was shot in the hand and while trying to get back inside his vehicle he bumped into Winn, accidentally shooting him in the chest.

He got Winn inside the suv and drove to a nearby apartment complex and called 911. Emergency crews arrived and transported them both to area hospitals where Winn died.

Conner is being charged with manslaughter and his bond is set at $150,000. He remains in Denton County Jail.


    1. It was an accident, he didn’t mean to kill him, that was literally his friend, I’m sure he feels terrible. They also weren’t the ones who initiated the gun fight, the other group of ppl in the Chrysler shot at them, they only tried to defend themselves, which in the state of Tx is not illegal.

  1. It’s all crazy why would you meet up to buy drugs that’s the devil, Im praying that God will heal the land and open you young people’s eyes to get a job and stay humble

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