2-Year-Old Boy Unintentionally Shoots Mother In The Back, Killing Her


A 2-year-old boy fatally shot his pregnant mother in Norwalk, Ohio, authorities say.

The incident occurred last week, and now investigators are trying to figure out how the child got his hands on a gun.

On Friday, the father of the child called police, stating that his wife, Laura Ilgs, had called him, begging for him to call 911, regarding something with their toddler.

Authorities then learned that the 33-year-old mother was unintentionally shot in the back by her child.

After the mother was transported to a medical facility, an emergency C-section was performed. However, the baby died after being delivered. The mother died, as well.

Investigators noted that the gun was left out, shouldn’t have been. This is even thoug they don’t believe that the mother was aware that the child had been in the room with her. Also, baby gates that were usually closed had been left open.

The 2-year-old boy is with his father, and an investigation is on-going.


  1. Why did she call the husband to call 911 instead of calling 911 herself ? something ain’t adding up.

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