3-Year-Old Boy Dies After Aunt Pushes Him Into Lake and Watches Him Drown


A toddler who was pushed into Lake Michigan by his aunt succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased on Sunday.

3-year-old Josiah Brown was shoved off of the Navy Pier in Chicago by his aunt, Victoria Moreno, on September 19th after she stole the family car and took him without permission.

Josiah fell 6.5 feet before hitting the water where he drowned after screaming and vomiting twice while his aunt watched. The Cook County Fire Department retrieved the little boy from the bottom of the lake and transported him to Lurie Children’s Hospital in critical condition.

Prosecutors say his brain was swollen, he was bleeding in his lungs, and having seizures. He also needed a heart infusion after his heart was depressed.

The 34-year-old aunt, who has a history of mental illness, claimed she didn’t know Josiah when first questioned by police. She later said that she let go of his shirt because he was acting up and he fell in.

Moreno was charged with attempted murder and is being held without bond. Additional charges will most likely be added, following the boy’s death.

Authorities say Moreno has a history of episodes where she’s previously taken her nieces without permission.



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