Charges Dismissed Against Black Mom who Left Kids at Home to Work


Charges have been dismissed against the Ohio mother who was arrested for leaving her children alone. The mother left the children in a motel room while she was at work. 
Shaina Bell was at work when her children’s father allegedly tipped off police to a Motel 6. 
They found the 24-year-old’s daughters— ages 10 and 2 waiting for their mother’s shift to end.                                                                                                          Bell told authorities that she had someone check on the girls every hour while she worked at a local Little Caesars.                                                                                    Bell was arrested at work and pleaded not guilty to child endangering.
The children were turned over to their father, and she was released on bail. Many showed support for Bell, giving donations via a GoFundMe of over $165K.
She said she intended to use the money to buy a house for her family, and in a recent update to the fundraiser, it appears that she has.


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