College Basketball Player Killed As Suspect Intended To Shoot Woman He Had Dated


18-year-old Missael Pena Canela has been charged for the fatal shooting of Salem State basketball player Carl-Hens Beliard. On Thursday, Canela pled not guilty as new details in the matter emerged.

He is now being held without bond.

On Wednesday, Canela was apprehended hours after Beliard was discovered wounded in his wrecked vehicle in Salem, MA, close to the school. He was transported to a medical facility where he was declared deceased.

Documents show that a woman had been in the vehicle with Beliard when he was shot. The prosecutor noted that the woman and Canela had been in and out of a relationship. It was revealed that Canela confessed to searching for the woman and shooting at the vehicle as it went opposite of his direction.

However, Canela’s lawyer is contesting the claim that Canela confessed, stating that he just received the police report on Thursday.

Officials have not said whether Canela attended the university; however, he does live in Salem.

Canela will appear in court again on Dec. 1.

Beliard had just started his first year at Salem and was on a full scholarship. He was just a week away from competing in his first college game.

He had attended Worcester North High School and played as a forward on their state championship team.

Beliard would have celebrated his 19th birthday on Nov. 11.


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