Police Officer Who Shot College Football Player Resigns After Racist Text Messages Were Found In His Cell Phone


A police officer in San Jose, California, is no longer employed with the police department. This comes after an internal investigation revealed that he sent racist text messages. The messages were found as the officer was being investigated for another matter.

Ex-officer Mark McNamara had been with the SJPD for six years.

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan noted that there were about 24 text messages linked to McNamara. The messages had been regarding the 2022 occurrence of then-officer McNamara shooting football player K’aun Green. This happened at La Victoria Taqueria in San Jose.

A recording showed Green seemingly attempting to break up a fight inside of the establishment. He had been backing out of the door while holding a firearm. Green had taken that weapon from one of the perpetrators.

The police had believed that Green was the active shooter when arriving on the scene and seeing him with the gun.

Later, it was shown that Green wasn’t the shooter. However, police stated they shot Green because of a shooting that happened nearby. They had believed that it was connected to the restaurant incident.

“I’m pretty sure the district attorney would have charged me if I used excessive force. But she didn’t because I didn’t use excessive force…I’ll shoot you too,” McNamara said in one text message.

When speaking about Black men, McNamara went even further. “They should all be bowing to me and bringing me gifts…Otherwise, he would have lived a life of poverty and crime,” he added.

“How long does the canary have to keep telling you that somethings wrong inside this function,” another message read as McNamara discussed his hate for Black people.

It was also noted that N-word was used many times.

“We are not going to tolerate racism. We are going to continue working hard every day to build a culture of the utmost respect and professionalism in our department,” stated Mayor Mahan, in response to the messages found.

The chief of police has said that the other employee who received those texts had other “concerning” conversations with ex-officer McNamara. That employee is now on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.


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