Dallas Court Decides To Return Newborn To Parents Following Home Birth


In March, a Texas couple had their newborn baby taken away from them. Now, the baby will be returning home.

Late Wednesday, the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office began to make decisions to have infant, Mila Jackson, given back to her parents. This is after the parents had been speaking out every since the incident first occurred.

On March 24, baby Mila was delivered at home by a midwife, Cheryl Edinbyrd. Three days following that, the parents took the newborn to the pediatrician that they have used for the last 12 years.

Tamecia Jackson said that at that doctor’s visit, it was found that the baby had jaundice which is fairly common in newborns. Everything else was fine. However, the mother says that the doctor called her a few hours later, stating that the baby needed to be hospitalized.

Then, on March 25, the pediatrician, Dr. Bhatt, got in touch with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, documents note. The doctor had already threatened to call the agency if they didn’t bring the child in, citing neglect.  However, the parents say that they told Dr. Bhatt that the baby was under the care of a midwife and was getting the medical treatment needed to treat the jaundice.

Police then arrived at their door around 3 a.m., and placed the newborn’s father under arrest. The bay was taken to foster care.

“The constables chose to arrest my husband so that they could take his keys and use his keys to unlawfully enter my home and come and take my baby from me,” the mother stated.

Baby Mila is now expected to be reunited with her parents soon.


  1. I would sue all them mfs starting with the Dr. I would put that Dr on blast every chance i got especially through reviews. Dam shame smh. Just goes to show you everything deserves a proper investigation because not all people are truthful and honest.

  2. Yesss ma’am sue the Hell iutta everybody involved. Start with the Dr make his reviews bad for him then I would go after the Laws

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