Dallas Man Fatally Stabbed By Girlfriend During Argument


A Dallas woman is behind bars for murder after she fatally stabbed her boyfriend during an argument Sunday night.
Tamara Lafaye Lilly,24 and her boyfriend Keith Slade,24 were at her apartment on the 8600 block of Willoughby Boulevard, when the two got into an argument that turned physical.
Slade left the apartment, drove to his parents home and asked them to take him to a hospital.
He was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead from his injuries.
Slade’s mother contacted Lilly to find out what happened. Lilly told her the two got into an argument, he pushed her, she grabbed a knife and stabbed him.
Lilly turned herself into Dallas police early Monday morning and remains behind bars on a $200,000 bond.


  1. That’s not what happened he didn’t drive anywhere he ran around the back to his parents house and she fled the scene didn’t render aid left him to die and the neighbors can attest to that there was no argument that was premeditated so stop with the speculation he wasn’t abusive she was he was trying to leave and she would of stabbed him in the back had he not turned around….he wanted to leave the drama and she took his life


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