New Recordings Reveal TSA Officers Seemingly Stealing From Travelers


Recent surveillance footage appears to show two Transportation Security Administration officers at Miami International Airport rummaging through traveler’s belongings. They then seem to steal money as the security screenings took place.

The TSA agents are being charged in the supposed thefts after their apprehensions in July.

Jose Gonzalez,22 and Labarrius Williams,33 have been charged with grand theft. Another TSA agent, Elizabeth Fester, 22 had been arrested at first, but her charges were dismissed.

Reports indicate that the thefts happened at the airport’s Security Checkpoint E.

Gonzalez was permitted to enter a state program where if he finishes all of the requirements, his charges will be dismissed.

However, in the case of Williams, he was not accepted into that program; thus, he will have to stand trial.

Investigators had found surveillance footage of the officers distracting travelers as they were screened in order to steal their money, they say.

In one instance, Williams and Gonzalez took $600 out of a passenger’s wallet as the passenger was being screened.

Another video showed the two going through a black bag. When one agents moved away, the other seemed to grab something from the bin and placed it in his pocket.

Then, another recording shows the agent going into a Louis Vuitton bag, stealing something from the pouch, and putting it to the side. When the item went down the conveyor belt, the same agent grabbed it before it was screened.

Gonzalez and Williams are awaiting their next court date as they have pled not guilty to the charges.

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