Two Children’s Human Remains Found In A Pair Of Suitcases Bought From A Storage Auction


Humans remains found inside a set of suitcases that were bought at an auction by a New Zealand family are confirmed to be two young children, according to police.

The bodies were likely there for some time, potentially three or four years, and the victims are thought to be between five and 10 years of age, Det. Insp. Tofilau Faamanuia Vaaelua told reporters.

On August 11, a family purchased a trailer-load full of goods from a local storage facility in South Auckland. Police were notified once the family brought the goods back home and immediately noticed a strong smell.

The families are not connected, and they are “understandably distressed,” Police says.

“The nature of this discovery provides some complexities to the investigation especially given the time lapsed between the time of death and the time of discovery,” Vaaelua told reporters. “This includes establishing where, when and how.”


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