Teenage Boy Rescues 3 Girls And Officer After Their Vehicle Plunges Into River


When a car drove off of an 1-10 boat launch, in Moss Point, Mississippi, a teenager went into the Pascagoula River to rescue four people.

The vehicle went several feet into the river prior to sinking. Three teen girls were inside of the car.

16-year-old Corion Evans stated that he observed the accident and didn’t want the girls to lose their lives.

Evans swam out to the car and assisted the three girls in getting out of the water and onto the shore. He was also able to rescue a police officer who had begun to drown while aiding Evans with the rescue.

“My legs were so tired after. Anything could have been in that water, though. But, I wasn’t thinking about it.”

The three girls and officer were saved and will make full recoveries.

“The police department and I commend Mr. Evans’s bravery and selflessness he displayed by risking his own safety to help people in danger. If Mr. Evans hadn’t assisted, it could have possibly turned out tragically instead of all occupants rescued safely,” stated Police Chief Brandon Ashley.


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