TikTok Famous Police Chief Arrested For Possessing Child Pornography


38-year-old Joel Justice Womochil, a TikTok famous police chief from Kansas, has been arrested and charged with 13 counts of possessing child pornography. This comes after he secretly traded incest videos on Twitter that was found during a search of his residence.

A federal complaint documented that Womochil’s account name was “@ictbaddad,” and the man had the “pedobear” cartoon as his profile image.

Womochil started as the police chief in Burns, Kansas, in 2022. He described himself as a “38 w male looking 4 that special girl that was raised right and wants 2 continue the tradition.”

The ex-police police chief’s TikTok videos were viewed up to 3, 059 regularly, depicted him carrying out his day-to-day duties as a police officer.

On August 8, Womochil resigned from his position after information about his crimes were provided via a tip. Days after that, he was arrested.

When Womochil’s home was searched, an examination of the external hard drive was conducted. Then, several pictures of child exploitation material was found, and his laptop contained 851 thumbnail images and recordings on that hard drive.

If he is found guilty, Womochil could face many decades behind bars.

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